Written by Jonathan Abbott as part of the Archimedes Software Preservation Project (JASPP)

Current version: 2.09 (30/11/12)

You can download the current version of !ADFFS here: adffs209.zip
Previous versions are available here

ADFFS provides a FileCore/ADFS extension to open floppy ADF / APD / JFD disc images and present them as ADFS::0
To associate files with ADFFS, you need to change their file type to Floppy (&FCE). You may then open the disc by double clicking on it.
Please ensure your system is configured for at least one floppy drive, this is then redirected to ADFFS when a disc image is mounted.

!ADFFS currently supports the following floppy images types:


*ADFMount <file> load an ADF/APD/JFD into memory
*ADFOpen <file> load an ADF/APD/JFD into memory and open a filer window
*ADFSave <file> save the ADF in memory to disc
*ADFEject remove the ADF from memory, losing changes
*ADFFlush write changes back to original ADF file
*ADFFormat <L/D/E/F> [<disc name></code>] format a blank ADF image in memory
*ADFRecord <file> start recording DiscOp's and save to file when Ctrl-Shift-F10 is pressed
*ADFStop stops recording DiscOp's, equivalent to Ctrl-Shift-F10
*ADFDoNothing does nothing, use with Set Alias$ to prevent destructive commands that affect ADFFS
*ADFProtectModules prevents essential modules from being removed
*ADFUnprotectModules allows essential modules to be removed
*ADFProtectCMOS prevents changes to the CMOS
*ADFUnprotectCMOS allows changes to the CMOS
*ADFHideHourglass doesn't display an hourglass when loading images
*ADFShowHourglass displays an hourglass when loading images
*ADFRemapVideoMemory <mode> <size> remaps video memory to match RISC OS 3.1, only works on Acorn kit with RISCOS 3.5 > 3.71
*ADFForceVSync <n> ensures a delay of <n> centiseconds between screen buffer swaps, and forces a VSync if one hasn't happened since the last frame swap. eg ADFForceVsync 4 would force a game to run at 25FPS
*ADFCacheOff <n> turn the CPU cache off for <n> centiseconds
*ADFEmulateFDC <n> emulate either a 710/711 or 1772. eg ADFEmulate 710


CTRL-SHIFT-F1 thru F9 Change disc in a multi-disc game
CTRL-SHIFT-F10 Save a recording, after previously starting one using *ADFRecord
CTRL-SHIFT-Page Up Slow game down (adds an additional centisecond between frame swaps)
CTRL-SHIFT-Page Down Speed game up (removes 1 centisecond between frame swaps)

Known issues / features:

  1. Updates to mounted ADF's are not automatically flushed back to the original ADF file. Use *ADFFlush or Flush from the Filer
  2. The file size limit can be changed in !Boot, the default is 2048kb
  3. APD/JFD's cannot be flushed back to the original file or saved
  4. RMTidy and RMClear are ignored whilst ADFFS is loaded

If you're having other issues or problems opening an image, please send me a ZIP of the floppy image, along with a description of how to repeat the problem: jon@jaspp.org.uk

You can follow the discussion thread on The Icon Bar forums, which can be found here.